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It doesn’t matter why you’re renting. Perhaps you’re not quite sure where you want to settle down yet, and are trying out different homes. Maybe you’re a young family waiting to see how many family members you’ll land on. Or perhaps you’re a retired couple waiting to see where the grandkids end up before you buy that last home. Whatever your story, you want a home that feels like you.
Here at Metro Detroit Rentals, we know that’s more complicated than just getting a place with the right amenities and paint colors. While that’s important too, you also need to feel like you’re being cared for. That’s the special sauce we offer.
In addition to a huge range of inventory ranging from apartment units to single-family homes, we also provide a comprehensive Tenant Portal so you can access your information any time, request maintenance and generally plug in to the things that matter. When you work with us, you’ll never feel in the dark. Follow our links below to gain access to our tenant portal and Maintenance request form.

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