Our approach is unique in its simplicity.

 We have this idea – that if our investment partners make more money, we, in turn, will be successful as well.

We keep fees, move-in costs, repair costs, etc., lower than anyone else. Our goal is to place the best possible tenant, who will ocupy a property for years to come.

Most management companies thrive on “new move in fees”. Think about it. If you’r paying a full month’s rent for tenant replacement, that’s nearly an entire year’s worth of commissions! Of course, managers want turn over. We have a different view. By charging less than any other company, we help our owners put more money in their pockets. By not charging extra for inspections, going to the city on your behalf, court filings, and more, you keep more of your money. 

Why do we believe so strongly in this idea? We’ve found that when our owners keep more of their income, they are inclined to purchase additional properties. In the long run, this approach benefits us both. We see the benefits of long-term relationships over short-term gains .


Why Choose Us

First Class Care

No matter how many properties you have and what your investment goals are, we want to help you hit them on the nose. We’ve got more than a decade’s worth of experience solving investment problems and leveraging that expertise into profitability for you. Let us help you turn those investments into more cash and more time spent on the things you really care about.

20+ Years in Business

Our Management team consists of licensed real estate professionals and leasing specialists with over 30 years of property management and leasing experience. We primarily work out of the Metro Detroit area, but handle multi-family units and portfolios in a wide range of Michigan.

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